Free Secondary Schools Olympic English Test Papers 2013 - Grade 6 - Round 8

Free  Secondary  Schools Olympic English Test Papers 2014 - Grade 6 - Round 8

The Olympic English Contest Online - Grade 6 - Round 8 - in Secondary School - Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh trên mạng Lớp 6 - Vòng 8


De thi Olympic Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 6 - Vong 8 - Vong Tu luyen -Thi IOE Contest Online - Test Paper - Grade 6 - Round 8  in Secondary School - De thi Olympic - thi tieng Anh tren mang lop 6 - Vong 8 - Moi nhat - Nam hoc 2013 - 2014

This is a test for 6th grade student to practice English in Midddle school with wishing pass the IOE English Competition Online by the Ministry of Education launched in the academic year 2013 - 2014. - will help students to have metarials for studying English...English, listen, Grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, grade 9 , grade 10, grade 11, grade 12, ViOlympic, IOE. Secondary , primary, high school

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High mark students in English language learning

The four students (A, B, C, D) I interview came from the same class who were recommended by their teacher as students representing the same level, but have different performance in English language learning: two of them are interested in English language learning while other two study English only because of the college enter examination. All of them have high mark in the examination, but the two students who are interested in English language not only have good oral speaking, but also have other good habits in English language learning. And the other two students who are not interested in English language but have high marks in the exam are poor in English speaking, only good at do the excises which they want to face in the exam. And the most influential factors of different performance among the high mark students by the interviewees’ statements as below:

We can find that the high mark students with more clear motivation, effective learning method, self-confidence in English learning. While the low mark students attributed the influential factors to the external factors. We should not only blame the low mark students, because some of them are also know what they should do and some of them try their best to learn English, but can not get high mark in the examination. We should consider some other factors; maybe some of the educational method is wrong or not fit to these students. Some of them may do well in the listening and oral but poor grammar, so they can not get the high mark. The factors affecting senior middle school may have more, we could not find out all of them. Because the different individual will meet different personal problems, we should solve different problems according to different situations.

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