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Sunday, 25 March 2012 17:06

How to teach mathematics to talent student in Primary school

Giao an day boi duong hoc sinh gioi Toan va Tieng Viet lop 5 - Thua thay co.

Day la bo giao an mien phi giup thay co co tu lieu tot de soan bai boi duong hoc sinh gioi toan va Tieng Viet lop 5 . Tai lieu nay rat hay va huu ich cho thay co. No duoc soan bang hai cot chia ro cac hoat dong cua thay va haotj dong cua tro. Sau moi bai hoc luon co nhung bai tap giup cac em ren luyen them. Va tat nhien cac bai soan trong giao an nay soan theo sach Boi duong cua thay Thuy va thay Hien Truong DHSP Ha Noi I. Tuy nhien thay co cung chi lay no lam tham khao. Muon co nhung bai giang bai soan hay thay co phai tim toi. Nhung giao an co rat nhieu tren http://tieuhoc.info tuy nhien no khong phai la bao boi cho thay co mai mo mai cua cho hoc sinh minh di thi dau..

Thay co hay nhan vao day de tai ve nhe.


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