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English 9 - De thi hoc sinh gioi Tieng Anh  - lop 9


It was a beautiful spring day: the sun was shining, the sky was blue. In the centre of London a policeman cried. He saw a man with a big lion. They were walking down the street.

“Hey,you!” he said. “What are you doing here with this lion? You can’t walk around the streets with a lion. Take it to the Zoo !”

“OK, officer. I want to show Baby the town.”

The man opened the door of his car and the lion jumped in. The car went away.

The next day the police officer saw the same man and the same lion again.

“Hey, you!” he said.”Come over here! And bring that lion with you!”

The man took the lion to the police officer.

“What’s the problem, officer?”

“Problem? I told you yesterday to take the lion to the Zoo!”

“Oh, I did, officer, I took Baby to the Zoo. He enjoyed it very much. But today, I am taking him to the swimming pool !”

1.         a- It wasn’t raining that day.

b- A policeman saw a man with a dog in the centre of New York.

c- The man and his pet were walking along the park.

d- The man didn’t have a car.

2.         a- The lion couldn’t get into the car, the lion was too big.

b- The policeman took the lion to the Zoo and put the lion into the cage.

c- The man showed his pet the Zoo.

d- The policeman was happy to see a man with a lion in the centre of London.

3.         a- The man had a baby. It was a nice girl of three.

b- Baby was the lion’s name.

c- The policeman told the man to show Baby the town.


d- The lion visited the London Zoo.

4.         a- The man could drive a car.

b- The lion didn’t like the Zoo at all.

c- The policeman took the lion to the swimming pool.

d. The policeman met people with lions in London streets every day.

5.         a- The lion was the man’s pet.

b- The man had a baby lion as a pet.

c- The policeman showed the park and the school to the lion.

d- When the policeman saw the man with the lion he got very hungry.