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De thi IOE - Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 5  Vong huyen- Vong 20 - English Contest Online

Violympic English Contest  Online - Grade 5 - Round 20 -  in Primary School

1. Review this test:

Section 2: Defeat the Goal Keeper.

Choose the most suitable answer by selecting A, B, C, D.

1. What does Mrs. Smith do?- She's a ......

A. farm                 B. policeman                   C. doctor                        D. businessman

2. What ........ do you like? - I like warm weather.

A. season              B. activity                       C. weather                      D. sport

3. It usually ........ in March.

A.to rain                B. rain                             C. raining                        D. rains

4. ..... weather is often cool in Sapa.

A. The                  B. No                             C. A                               D. Some

5. What's ........lunch, Ben? - There's some rice and some fish.

A. at                      B. in                               C. of                               D. for

6. How does your father often travel to Ninh Binh City? - .......... train.

A. On                    B. At                              C.By                               D.In

7. What ....... are her eyes? - Black.

A. time                  B. class                           C. colour                        D. subject

8. ......... a letter here ........ you.

A. It's/on               B. It's/for                        C. There's/for                 D. It has/ on

9. She is working in the garden. She looks .....

A.hungry               B. tired                           C. interesting                   D. thirsty

10. Odd one out

A. dog                  B. cow                            C. pig                             D. string

11. We shouldn't ...... a lot in the evening

A. eat                    B. to eat                          C. eats                            D.eating

12. What's the matter, Danny? - I'm ......

A. nice                  B.cold                            C. big                             D. tall

13. The boy ..... his teacher some beautiful flowers.

A. like to give            B. like giving                          C. likes gives                         D. would like to give

14. ........ about going to Nha Trang?

A. Why                 B.What                           C.Where                         D. When

15. We have lots of ...... in the summer.

A. rain                   B. raining                        C. rains                           D. rainy

16. There are twelve moths in a ......

A. week                 B. year                            C. weekend                     D. daily

17. They buy some fruit but ........ vegetables.

A. some                B. any                             C. little                            D.no

18. ......... walk on the grass!

A. No                    B.Not                             C. Don't                          D. Doesn't

19. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently

A. camp                B. table                           C. travel                          D. match

Section 3: The teacher is coming.

Put the words or letters in the right order to make a complete sentence or a complete word.

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