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De thi IOE - Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 5  Vong huyen- Vong 19 - English Contest Online

Violympic English Contest  Online - Grade 5 - Round 18 -  in Primary School

1. Review this test:

Section 2: Safe Driving

Answer the question.

1. What's ..... dinner today? Bread or rice?

A. on                    B. for                    C. in                      D. of

2. I don't have my ...... here. What do we have today? -Math. English and Literature.

A. time                  B. table                 C. pen                   D. timetable

3. What is ..... to drink? - Soda and Coke.

A. this                   B. that                   C. there                 D. have

4. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently

A. bowl                 B. comb C. big                    D. bed

5. What is the ......, Daisy? Are you cold? - Yes, and hungry.

A. that                   B. matter               C. this                   D. there

6. Sara combs her .... every morning.

A. face                  B. nose                 C. hair                   D. mouth

7. There is a lot of ....... in Vietnam. Our country is green.

A. sunny               B. windy               C. rainy                 D.rain

8. Is he ..... Vietnam or China?

A. on                    B. at                      C. of                     D. from

9. I come ..... home at 11.30 in the morning.

A. to                     B. at                      C. on                    D. Æ


10. My father isn't short. He is ........ and fat.

A. tall                    B. long                  C. short                 D. high


11. Mr.John ....... his bike to work everyday.

A. drives               B. goes                 C.runs                   D. rides

12. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronouned differently

A. call                   B. fall                    C. math                 D. wall

13. What did your little sister do yesterday? - She ........ the museum.

A. visited               B. visits                 C. was visiting                 D. visit

14. Are the children ....... the house? - Yes, they are.

A. on                    B.behind               C. of                     D. at

Section 3: Fill in the blank

1. _  _  _  _  he ever play tag after school?

2. I give Sam a doll  _  _  _  her birthday.

3. Are Mai and her mother talking  _  _  the telephone now?

4. I stayed  _  _  home last weekend.

5.  _  _  there anything to do now?

6. A lot of my friends pay soccer, but many of  _  _  _  _  play table-tennis.

7. What  _  _  _  _  _  going to the supermarket?- That's a good idea!

8. That book has a red flower  _  _  the first page.

9. _  _  _  July enjoy her first day at school? -No, she didn't,

10.  _  _  _  _  _  blouse do you like? - I like the purple one.

Section 4: Cool Pair Matching

Match a picture or a Vietnamese word with its English equivalence.

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