Đề thi Violympic Giải toán trên mạng - Đề thi Tiếng Anh IOE Online De thi IOE - Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 5 Vong huyen- Vong 18 English - Math Test for Primary School - De thi Giai toan - Tieng Anh tren mang
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De thi IOE - Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 5  Vong huyen- Vong 18 - English Contest Online

Violympic English Contest  Online - Grade 5 - Round 18 -  in Primary School

1. Review this test:

Section 2: Find the honey.

Answer the question.

1. How many meals ____  their baby have a day?

2. ___  does Mrs Smith want to go to the church?- By taxi.

3. How  ____  glasses of beer can Bob's brother drink?

4. I enjoy my life here. I have many friends and we often meet ____ other.

5. You shouldn't e__ too many candies.

6. Do you go to work  __  foot or by bike?

7. There is a stadium  __   front of the bookstore.

8. What was the matter  ____  John yesterday?

9. Listen to  __  . I am speaking English.

10.  ___  is that? Is that Jenny? -No, it's Barbara.

Section 3: The teacher is coming.

Put the words or letters in the right order to make a complete sentence or a complete word.


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