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De thi IOE - Tieng Anh tren mang Lop 5 - Vong 7 - English Contest Online

Violympic Math Contest  Online - Grade 5 - Round 6-  in Primary School

1. Review this test:

Section 1: Safe Driving

Answer the question.

1. Please let Jenny go  ____  you.

2. Mai  ___  born in 1996.

3.  ____  your hands before meals, please.

4. Who are you going  ____  ? - Mrs Kate.

5. When  ____  you born?

6. My parents go to work  ___  day long.

7.  __  it easy to find a flat in your city?

8. They are ready  __  go to work.

9. What  _  bad day. It rains all day and I'm tired.

10. Fruits are very good  ___  our health.

11. Her uncle is thirty seven  _____  old.

12. Does he live  __  54 Tay Son Street with his uncle and aunt?

13. He teaches English  ____  7 a.m to 4 p.m everyday.

14. He is a good football player. He plays football very  ____.

15. Hoa stays  ____  her parents in Ho Chi Minh City.

Section 2: Defeat the Goal Keeper.

Choose the most suitable answer by selecting A, B, C, D.

1. His house is ....... to my house.

A. behind                        B. in front                       C. next                                     D. near

2. He is ....... Vietnam

A. from                           B. at                               C. on                              D. to

3. They ...... some snacks at the moment.

A. have                           B. having                        C. is having                     D. are having

4. I want to thank you ...... helping me.

A. of                               B. about                          C. for                             D. to

5. Choose the word that has the underlined part prounounced diffrently

A. bank                           B. factory                       C. any                                      D. map

6. Choos the odd one

A. uncle                          B. aunt                                     C. father                         D. friend

7. ....... you like to go fishing with us?

A. Will                                     B. Would                        C. Should                       D. Can

8. Choose the word that has the underlined part prounounced diffrently

A. read                                     B. head                           C. weather                      D. ready

9. I ....... sorry. I'm late.

A. am                             B. is                                C. are                             D. not

10. What time is it? - It ....... four fifteen.

A. is                               B. has                                       C. at                               D. Æ

Section 3: Leave me out.

Take a redundant letter out from each word to make it correct

1. t h i r n


6. s l o n g


2. g a m g e


7. f i l s m


3. s t a l y


8. a g h e


4. n o u r s e


9. i n v a i t e


5. c o d o k


10. c a l b l


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